Come on over, Come on through

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Author Red_Shrapnel
Tags author:red_shrapnel playable race rated
Created 2007-05-10
Last Modified 2007-05-10
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description This is my first KRArace (Keep rockit alive race) so please go easy on it.

It turned out very short, and not especially exciting. Al the same, I decided to put it up here.



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Thanks for the ratings, but I couldnt gain much from yours, Bunnie. ;-)
i got rid of the rocket early
Demo Data

not very good

Flow: 0.5/1
Fun: 0.5/1
Uniqueness: 0/5 (not at all)
Tileset: 0.5/1 (could have been made better for flow
Difficulty/Replayability: 0 (play it once, played it all ou need to)

Extra points - 0.5, just cause you can keep the rocket alive

total: 2/5

went too fast for the rocket =P

I used cheesepuffs rating system cause it's good
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Fastest demo yet!

Demo Data
But I got a pretty good demo.

Demo Data


Sweet demo!

Fantastic flow

Unfortunately i missed a gold, so had to go back to get it, but still kept the KRA!
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All I had ever done was play other KRA maps, so I didn't exactly know how to make one! I shall take into account the advice when making a new one.

first try.

way to easy, flow is kinda sketchy at places.
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An Idea

If you are going to have a KRA where you can win without KRA'ing, you should make a drone go over the door if you are too slow. The rocket will just be a way of knowing where you are going too slow. An aid, of some sorts.

Here is a quick example (not perfect, just showing what I mean.



forgot the demo.

First try
Demo Data

nice map

Flow: 1/1
Fun: 1/1
Uniqueness: 0.5/1 (Nothing special KRA wise)
Tileset: 0.5/1 (Boring, but not ugly)
Difficulty/Replayability: 0.5 (A little too easy)

Extra points - KRA: 0.5/1 (You can keep it alive, but not required)


Good map

Shame there's no requirement to KtheRA (lol), but it is a great map. I like KRA :).

Here's my KRA demo.
Demo Data
See demo, I killed it :P

Nice race though. 4/5 as you dont have to KtheRA
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The Demo.

It might be needed.
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