Interlude 9 - 999 Damage (The Final Interlude)

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis bitesized playable rated v1.4
Created 2007-07-21
Last Modified 2007-07-21
by 79 people.
Map Data

Description Well, here it is, my 999th map here on Numa. The gold route is designed for more experienced players only, as it may cause frustration to newbies. I've included an all gold demo in which I die right at the end. I think this map is quite fun. I hope you do too.


1 more. Maybe.

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If you like.

I'll post your map in the 199999 slot for you? I'll make sure to tag it as yours and link it to your profile and stuff.




75th rate


<3 5d


where is map 1000?


where is map 1000?

gold route

isn't that hard, i think its getting to the gold part that's hard

stupid floorguard...

what's the most maps anyone has?

Very good

2 more!!!


The end of your demo is hilarious. Great map also.

I like it

but it just doesn't feel like action map of the year to me. too bad I didn't vote. =[

Gorgeous demo.

Like, holy hell, man.


This map is good as a soft, chewy, chocolate chip cookie.

If i remember

I'm defs nominating that demo for the dronies.


around 500 for both demos, I don't know exactly.
It can still be improved by ~100 frames.

really tough

but awesome
and wow...xaelar
how many tries did it take you do to that?

Good lord, xaelar

That demo is amazing.

Awesome map.

Fived and Favorited. Wicked demo, xaelar. :O


it's damn hot...
Demo Data


time for action,
Demo Data


Leaving what, my home? No.
Numa? No.
Map making? No.
Submitting maps? Yes. Maybe.

Is it true

That you're leaving after you've submitted your 1000th map? If so, Numa isn't going to be the same. Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!

make 1 more please

and this...

is what a whole quick completion looks like!
Demo Data
uses three out of the four digits of your original demo
Demo Data


Sexy game mechanics.
Great aesthetics.
Awesome floorguards/mines.

I envy you. =)


nice one man

one of the best I've seen


You are going to make your 1000th map the 100000th map on numa... right?

First Try Demo.

Demo Data


Fkeee Fkeee Fkeee...

999 maps?!

*fkees in panic*


I'll try this later

Very good.

I can't seem to scrounge up a demo, so have some 4!

Nice Demos

And thanks, guys.