pyramid, east face

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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:Barabajagal bitesized featured rated
Created 2007-08-19
by 117 people.
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Description Pretty easy, just avoid touching any of the 173 mines.

This map was featured on 2009-12-14

So, Dronies eh? I was tempted to sway your vote a little with my next feature, but that seemed like foul play. So I decided to feature an all-time classic instead. What better way could we start the Dronies than with a map that's stood the test of time?

The pyramid still stands as menacing as it did thousands of years ago, its riches left untouched through the simplest of booby traps. The question is, will this new year usher in a new kind of hero? Only time will tell. And some more AGDs. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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This is one of those maps that I always play when I see it. Even though it is fairly non-remarkable in its gameplay, the aesthetic is classic.
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faster AGD

5 years later
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For whatever reason I hadn't faved it yet. Fixed.


I've always been too scared to try and agd this; turns out it's not as hard as I thought it would be.
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This was a very fun and challenging map. Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
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slow agd

what Nexx said.
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Love this map.
Always have.

Now it's featured, even better.

Well made.

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I love love love love love this map. I'm so glad it got featured.

A bit incoherent

Besides from that it's fun to move around in =)
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really a classic


my first try:

ps. swipenet, ur demo is epic
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Just love it, incredible flow, obstacles and amazing ideas !
Very good work ;)

what the hell?

this was submitted two years ago? What? This was submitted like, /yesterday/.
where does the time go
Pfff. Besides, I'm pretty sure there's more than 80 people on NUMA.


That ties Karmapolice.
Thats got to be worth something, cmon.
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i wasnt here then

i like the classics and seeing what there all about


I could have sworn this was already featured too :S

neat map

the feature was nice to get it known to the younger community & since i never seen it before some of the older ones as well ;D

let me elaborate..

I think that the level of exposure this map had received prior to being featured made it a poor choice for a feature. The map its self is very good, that's why it received 80 votes without being featured. It feels like a waste.

thats creepy

i thought this was featured too


What the hell? This map hadn't been featured yet?


a while to feature this, eh? Still love it.

This is cool.

But it's not spectacular. I like most of Baraba's other's better. This isn't one of his best, and worth a 3 at the most.

congrats on feature barab
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great map
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Oh hell yes

I played this already. I thought I had it faved. Huh.

Well, it's faved now.

This is a great map. Thanks for featuring it :)


This is some cool stuff. Nice choice, gtm.


And with that,

rocket_thumped rides off in the sunset...


Fastest route if done a lot better.
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this is an awful choice for a feature.. 80 people have already played it..


this gets featured after 2 years


so badly be featured!!! 5aved.



Fastest AGD

Needless to say, this is a classic. 5/5
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