Scenic World [2]

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Author mintnut
Tags author:mintnut beirutenator featured rated
Created 2009-04-29
Last Modified 2009-04-29
by 29 people.
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Description Lon Gisland EP

It's a submarine : )

This map was featured on 2009-09-16

There are two truly sexy things about this map. One: the gausses. Two: The tileset. Let's look at the latter first. Mintnut says it's a submarine, and we might as well take him at face value (it definitely has a periscope, for example). The upward-facing tiles don't look much like an ocean, but I got a distinct feel of sea-spray nonetheless, perhaps due to the gold. Next, the gausses. They're with you at every turn, but, critically, mintnut leaves the far-left gold section free, allowing you to plan your descent into the submarine tactically.

Well cool indeed.

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Surprisingly fun

Agreed that an exit on the top would have been interesting, especially if the hole to exit was a little wider. Already great though, here's a 5


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golfkid is brilliant.


Speed. 280f.
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Now this is a map!

*puts this map in the Dronies shortlist*

fastest agd
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really liked the laidbackness of it =D
slowest agd ;D
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good review.

keep it up.


this is amazing good
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I can get in and out of the "submarine" more than once.
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I like how it's fun

And not impossible
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Agree with atob

I wish I could get n and out of the submarine (?) more than once.


Fun indeed.

just b/c

its that fun

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very fun

Demo Data
but the map is still good nonetheless.

lol broken demo

my bad
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You know.

I'm thinking this might be even better if the exit were above ground and the terminal inside. going in and out of the enclosed area would ad a lot to the gameplay, imo.

Eh, pawz,

to be honest that sentence was much better than anything in my review. I gotta stop writing these in the submission box.

Fastest agd.

I like the scene.
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this is really much fun..but it was just too easy. not challenging.
I did it with my second attempt..
after all, this deserves a 4.
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decent agd

fun speed map
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so much fun

I loved this map when it was first submitted and I'm happy to know that it has been featured. Maybe not one of mintnut's best but it really exemplifies his pretty simplistic style and intense action that he can achieve with relatively few objects.

Had a go at a normal, boring review, mostly because I'm short on time. Never again.

Oh and you're welcome minty.

Decent speedrun.

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First try AGD.

I really love the tiles. And it plays quite well too.
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But it doesn't really feel as fun. Gameplay's a little generic, but solid.


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Very clean.

Heaps style.

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All gold demo.

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This is compulsively playable. Smooth, flowy and stylish.

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this is the 3rd map

I've favourited off the Hot Maps page just now.


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