But Mommy I wanna stay and play some more.

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Author mystro23
Tags 23 author:mystro23 highscorer mystro rated speed
Created 2011-08-20
Last Modified 2011-08-20
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description It's a jellyfish map and a highscorer, so drool over the short sweet enjoyment.

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you got a feature

I liked

the design and the gameplay a lot, although it was a little awkward and cramped at times. Fun though ^^


where are you?


although I couldn't really beat it. Ha.
Jellyfish map? Okay, Jellyfish rock, and the fact that you realize that makes you cool. Let's see if this map is too.
And i'm glad you like them. I'm not really mapping more though, it's hard to find inspiration these days