Brave New World

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Author lfaber
Tags action author:lfaber beatable fun lfaberbest lsudny rated
Created 2012-05-15
Last Modified 2012-10-02
by 16 people.
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Description This map is a ded to lsudny 'cause he always plays my maps. :P thanks lsudny!!!

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Nothing really pops out to me. It was fine. The bottom left gold was too much of a difficulty spike in my opinion.


"You need to make you maps either more flowy or less, depending on taste." What if the amount of flow he's got right now is to his liking?

It is good!

You have certainly evolved and made your maps cleaner. Just a little more tweaking and this could be perfect. ENT474 said what I wanted to say, and you are doing a great job in varying your maps. 4.5/5v

Really fun

This map is challenging in a number of different ways, yet it also stays fluid and fun. I also think it has a somewhat oldschool feel to it. Anyway, nice map. 5aved

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thanks, guys. I appreciate it a lot.

I'm kind of meh

Your tileset and your enemies don't support the flow when it needs to flow, which just makes it play awkward. You need to make you maps either more flowy or less, depending on taste.



tough little map

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Yes, yes!!

You're improving quite well and in the right way!
5/5! Keep it up!


Thanks sunset, I thought so too.
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I like this.

Nice job, especially with how fluidly it plays.