Forgotten Collaborations

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Tags action author:ndeavour bio image-map inspired nreality rated
Created 2012-09-01
Last Modified 2012-09-01
by 7 people.
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Description bio + inspired = unfinished.

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Never really liked image maps, always seemed to make seeing a much tougher experience. This did the same. Couldn't muster a demo.

hi! good to see you

still around yo

Hi! [] Remember us?

*It's only hindering the gameplay ATM.

I like the concept

The idea of only a section of the tiles having an image is pretty neat.
This image itself could be refined though. It's only hinering gameplay atm.


...faster AGD...

...YANG-i really despise the beginning with the lazer drone lol, idk why it just irks me...
Demo Data

The mines were really hard to see.


Demo Data

I can't see a damn thing in nreality. D:
Demo Data


...AGD-see what i mean not a very smooth demo huh...
Demo Data



...YIN-really fuckin cool tiles, the bounce blocks in the tiles are amazingly good looking,good puzzle qualities,and just feels like an adventure, this is my definition of what a great N level should feel like!...

...YANG-nothing really other than i cant figure out a smooth way to get an AGD :P...

...very very easily a 5/5...

...also i dont play N-reality what am i missing out on for this map?...
Demo Data
playing this in n-reality feels more like a handicap