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Author schaaaf
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Created 2015-02-01
Last Modified 2015-02-01
by 9 people.
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This map was featured on 2018-03-23

Scientists have been researching a blood pathogen for quite some time and this video is proof that the pathogen exists. Interestingly enough, the pathogen is able to deoxygenate red blood cells by entering through the lipid layer. It uses the oxygen to produce sugars which provide it energy to continue on to the next cell. Once it has collected enough oxygen and produced enough sugars, it hides within a red blood cell, where it can then multiply and repeat the process over again. Let's watch this remarkable virus. — origami_alligator

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I don't think I've actually ever played this map.

Is this the end

of schaaaf?
a schaaaf map. Good stuff!
faved because it looks fun. i'll eventually play it. some day. in the future.

faved 5 etc.

sweet tiles!

I love all the little challenges in all the rooms.


thx man

Schöne Karte.

Mir gefällt das Tileset, das Gold verschafft mir auch einen guten Eindruck :). 5/5

germans unite!


also hello


Ich erinnere mich an dich. Dunkel. Ist ne Weile her. Wilkommen zurück!


ich dachte ich schnei mal eben so vorbei :D


Willkommen zurück!

I love your tiles

This map just feels so adventurous and I really like those drones. Fun map!