Honeybee (fix)

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Author Yoke3000
Tags author:yoke3000 drones gold mines playable tileset unrated
Created 2017-05-16
Last Modified 2017-05-17
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Description Enjoy. :)

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agreed with Arona

the rocket felt like a sudden increase of pace in the map, and it was tough to escape it because of the thwump and lack of floating tiles to kill it off with. but thats probably my poor playing skills haha. the gauss room was nice.

on the plus side, I love your sense of aesthetics -somewhat metanet-esque but not really; the way you use mines, both visually and gameplay-wise, is really great. it doesn't make the map feel cluttered, yet offers a fantastic challenge.
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Ska: I fixed it.. I would be glad if you featuring my map. haha :)

Aidiera: You can make a remix :)
...except the doors jut out from the walls, which doesn't look very nice. Could you appease my OCD and fix it? I might feature it later down the pike.

very fun

very simple also. liked the mines the most, the rocket the least.
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I would like to remix it, but all I do is remix.