I Find That Hard to Believe

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Author UkaBOB
Tags author:ukabob bobleader easy hard medium unrated
Created 2018-12-31
Last Modified 2018-12-31
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Meh, this is an old project, found it, submitted it.

Also, first level of the new year! 'Cause we're in an earlier time zone.

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asked about arachnid on map # 1. the dude is not around anymore and if i remember correctly the last I heard from arachnid they were talking about stopping payments to keep numa up. I took a long break shortly after but its still here. wonder who pays the bill? probably sunset

lol nope.

sub-500 is possible but I am tired of trying that perfect first jump.
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prolly maxed if trying my route.
i felt map to be on slightly frustrating side.
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Is it beatable?



Hey, does anyone

know the IP address for numa's server?