The Sunday N

The Sunday N
by Alex Kurcharski, featuring Tanner Rogalsky and Matt Blaylock

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The Daily Rundown
December 24th to December 30th

December 24th


December 25th


December 26th


December 27th


December 28th

That prisoner contest is actually spurring a fair few good maps. Here's one by smtid.

One by Fimision.

One by lord_day.

An admirable map by an average author.

December 29th

Ooh. A good collab. map. By Demonz and lord_day.

December 30th

[94]'s a good guy, you know? And this is a good map.

Maps of the Week

  1. [94] - Tag-Tag
  2. Fimision - Prisoner Exchange
  3. lord_day - You make my tounge loose
  4. Demonz and lord_day - Babylon.
  5. smtid - It Takes Two, But Sometimes Three [Take2]
  6. Cerberus - Hazardous Event


Map Packs

Impatient McP starts an ever-growing pack.

Viral Vixen/Vagrant IAABH/Kimmie/whateverthefuckshegoesbythesedays continues her map packs with a second column.


ska was disqualified from further participation in NTTS this week after an extremely suspicious demo was discussed by the judges.

Don't forget to get your submissions in for this week!


By Tanner Rogalsky

While krusch is both a wonderful mapmaker and just a generally awesome person to have around, the real reason I wanted to interview him is because he shares my name. Enjoy.

Tanner: Hello, again, and welcome to Nterviewed. With us tonight is the loverly krusch. How are you krusch?
krusch: I am grand. Thank you. Just playing some Pokémon.

Tanner: Ha ha. You're generally known about the community as sort of an eccentric. The N Wiki describes you as a "younger, more post-modern LittleViking001." Do you think that's accurate?
krusch: Probably. D: I do love LV's maps. Absolutely adore them, and I definitely draw inspiration from that guy. Yeah. I'd say I'm more of a younger LV, who doesn't know what he's doing half of the time. : /

Tanner: Is there one map in particular that inspires you or that you like the most?
krusch: Hmm, it's hard to pick one. LV’s Legacy work is just gorgeous, but I think I'd have to say the LV Chronicles were his best work. In particular the famous "In Soviet Russia, Baby Eats You!" So let’s say that one.

Tanner: Is there any one thing in your own life experience that inspires the most maps?
krusch: Hooo. I'd have to say music or art. Painters like Gustav Klimt who work with beautiful patterns really make me want to play with Ned in a similar fashion. And bands like the Arcade Fire with their very emotional lyrics get me going too. :D But nothing directly from my experience comes to mind. Except perhaps the place I live, which is out in the country. Lots of rivers, forests, mountains, etc. Sometimes I draw inspiration from that, too.

Tanner: Awesome. Do you think the quality of all maps, on NUMA or in a pack, is increasing or decreasing?
krusch: I'd have to say increasing, because I just can't see how a large group of people could all get worse at something with practice. But I guess I play more older maps than newer ones. Yeah, it's a strange thought. I'd still say the quality is increasing, though. Yes, increasing.

Tanner: How do you think your own mapmaking style has evolved?
krusch: Oh, hum. I think my style just changes as the things that appeal to me change. My first maps were often based on you being a ninja. And doing ninja-ly things, like rescuing people, robbing places. :D Then I learnt about making visually stimulating maps. And still, I try hard to make my maps visually appealing. I love making maps with rhythm too. Rhythm is a vague and hard to describe term, but good rhythm makes for a good map, definitely.

Tanner: I think NUMA just went down during the course of this interview. 'Snot a good omen.
krusch: Yeah, I noticed. :(

Tanner: Which of your own maps is your favourite?
krusch: I'd probably have to say The Dangermouse. I love the style in that, an unrestrained kind of pattern. And I love the gameplay, the flats, the thwumps and the rocket. I made it totally quickly, too. The bulk of it was done in under 10 minutes. Tweaking took about 30, from memory.

Tanner: Do you think you'll ever stop making maps?
krusch: Not until I grow up, that's for sure.

Tanner: blue_tetris just turned 27 and he's still going strong.
krusch: Ooh, good point! That guy rocks, though. I don't think I'll be here in 11 years. Or I will be and my maps will be staaaale.

Tanner: Do you look forward to learning an entirely new set of rules for mapmaking when Robotology (the game that is currently under development by Metanet) comes out?
krusch: Haha. Do I ever! I'm curious to see how it works. Very curious. With the whole ropes/grapples thing, it's very exciting to know it's on its way.

Tanner: Do you think the new concepts will bring new mappers out of the woodwork?
krusch: You know, I think they probably will. There'll be a lot of new room for experimentation, which will also bring the oldish mappers who don't much know what to do in Ned anymore(kinda like me), out of hiding. I'm hoping, at least.

Tanner: You've been noted, not only as a mapmaker, but as a great all-around artist. This is most obviously seen in your signature on the forums which currently contains a bizarre mutation of a Pokemon. What's with that?
krusch: Oh, hahaha. That is a "New Lickitung Evo" which I edited in over my old sig (with real Lickitung). My old sig was just a screenshot of mIRC with an emulator over the top. I was smashing the rocks outside of Mauville, if I recall correctly.

Tanner: Do other people ask you what the hell it's supposed to be or is this common knowledge?
krusch: Haha. You're the first to ask actually, I assume people just assume it's ... well, I don't know. A kid on Smogon posted this thread. That's where the crazy image comes from, anyway.

Tanner: You and KinGAleX coordinate quite often on projects. Are you two, you know, an item?
krusch: Yes. Actually, no. But, y'know. :,(

Tanner: Do you have any New Years resolutions planned?
krusch: Nah. I'll probably just resolve to resolve make sure I always treat everyone equally. Sometimes I don't, and it makes me very annoyed with myself. But uhh, yeah, that's my problem. Not anyone else's to worry about. Have you?

Tanner: Oh! Umm, to make this year's edition of Nterviewed to be the best ever!
krusch: Rad.

Tanner: Heh heh. One last question: Do you prefer fresh or dried apricots?
krusch: I prefer 'em fresh. But I do like a dry every now and then.

Tanner: Well, krusch, it has been a pleasure. Thank you for joining us tonight.
krusch: Definitely pleasurable, yeah. Good luck with next week! I'm sure it'll be at least as good as this was.

Next week's Nterviewee will remain a secret until the Nterview is published. Ooooo. Mysterious.