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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized featured logic long puzzle thwump unrated
Created 2007-08-24
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This map was featured on 2008-07-05

The aptly named Booleanopolis is a perfect example of what a puzzle map should be. Here blue_tetris makes clever use of thwumps to create a map that is fairly easy to learn, moderately hard to complete, and even harder to AGD. In some spots, getting the gold requires agility and skill, and in others, careful planning.

Booleanopolis is an exceptional map because it is able to maintain a certain level of playability while requiring thought and foresight. — Mr__X

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minus 3
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What a great map

Faved. agd:
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this is

probably one of my favourite maps on numa : )

This map

is the best that I've played in a while.


this levels is pretty cool 5/5
if you like it then check out Wrong Floor which a level a lot like this that I made last week!


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I wish it would, it's pretty brilliant.

Faster AGD :P

Aesome level
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Slow though :P
Nice map anyhoo
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cool puzzle

Ahh. Excellent.

The map is long, but the difficulty is just right.

Fastest all gold demo below!
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All but 3 gold

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HLDDA (to use a popular acronym).


i really enjoyed this map


it depends a lot on luck.. just hit the launchpad in teh same frame when die.. and you cheat death.. well.. luck :/


And favorited, too. I like long and hard cocks.
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way further...
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AAAAiiii I know.. the first part at least lol
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cheat.. but how to do it?

I know it's a puzzle.. but how to do it! inpossible!?!?
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can you post a demo plase?