Hot Footing It

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Author TheAdster
Tags author:theadster bitesized jump no no-jump playable race rated
Created 2007-08-27
by 31 people.
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Description o_O

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I am seriously Inspired. Hmmm, romaniac must have been going through my favourites.


without jumping!
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Incredible how you don't have to jump.
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well done 5

It was interesting

I agree with Bunnies and frets, is is left to right, but the tiles are brilliant...

4.5^ and Faved.


amazing... defenitely one of my fav races : )

pretty sweet

reminds me of a dda 4/5aved
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lol not too hard, but i think thats what i like about this genre. its like an interactive DDA, which is quite cool. nice work!
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/me demos

/me rates
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3.5, almost a 3

no i dont

i range around 3-4

occasionally a 2.5 or a 4.5 but maps arent normally that good/bad


you always give races 3.5. everyone already knows what your about to rate.


the tiles are fucking brilliant. 5 just for them and awesome object placement

Really loved the

cramped feeling. 4.5


im not saying it should be easy

it just should be more interesting than back and forth from the sides of the map
I like a good map like this to relax me, especially at the ungodly hour. =)

first try

nice but it doesn't really take much effort, you ust go from one side to the other, try making one so you dont get to hold on to your left or right button for very long ... that didnt make sense, anyways nicemap i give it 3.5, the game play wasnt that interesting but it looked nice
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Very nice.

However, it was bumpy. For looks, style and the no-jumpiness, i give it a 4.5. but I take off .5 for the bumps. 4, good job.

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