Simple Challange: Historical Fiction

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Author Buckminsterfullerene
Tags author:buckminsterfullerene challange hard jump jumper jumping medium-hard mines no-enemies skill unrated
Created 2007-11-10
Last Modified 2007-11-11
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Can you beat this map?
(I can't)

Points to whomever can beat this piramid
RCE! Please!

Ded to Dom1nation for submiting the first completion demo

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not nearly as hard as simple challenges by ttk... i got the ket on my 3rd try and beat it on my 4th in the replay text box


That was lucky... or skill or whatever...
anyway great job Dom1nation, ded to you

I thought

it was impossible too... Until I BEAT it.
Demo Data

I kind of did...

I got the terminal...
Demo Data


It's not possible getting down!