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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 bitesized ex featured playable rated special teleport teleporters thanks
Created 2007-11-20
Last Modified 2007-11-20
by 27 people.
Map Data

Description Wow, where do I start...

Well this is my first teleporting level, and ... christ, angle teleporters are difficult, and I built EVERYTHING then the teleport, I've learned it's alot easier to build everything around the teleports...

So about the level, Six teleporting rooms, each having a small challenge of a different type of enemy, also giving you a chance to get AGD if need be. The seventh room (Top right, center, and left of the map) is the "Final" room, more gold, but a bit more of a challenge to get.

I have a speedy AGD included, so if you get lost or mad, check out my demo before you rate.

I also want to give a special thanks to all my N buddys as well. I noticed after spending hours upon hours on this map that, over time, my map making skills were improved massively due to the people I associate with on NUMA and there style.

Thanks to:
turtle, Evil__, smort, cossack, Mechtradevil, drikam, amconline, T3chno, darn_hippie, b3njamin, GreenEggsAndHam, _destiny^-, astheoceansblue, DW40, remote.

This map was featured on 2010-01-24

As a avid mapper who has incorporated teleporters into maps several times, I know how difficult it is to effectively use them. But mrgy05 managed to place more than 6 of them and engineered a rotting-mansion style gameplay with chambers packed with assorted enemies.
With the creative use of launch pads, mrgy05 makes the game area much larger than it actually is. This provides the player with a more adventurous feel, but the confined spaces in each room consistently maintain just the right amount of difficulty. This is one map you can't afford to miss. — T3chno

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didn't enjoy the buggy teleporters or the jerky action.
Demo Data

some parts are very annoying oO i died without any reason ^^
very very nice tileset
-> 3/5


♪♫ and music ♪♫♪


Do teleporters work?


but it's inventive, creative and fun.

I like this.

Teleporter to the thwump room was a bit gimmicky, though.

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Making teleporters is easy. Placing/using them effectively is the hard part, and it's where this map shines.

Even though most maps similar to this suck, this map was actually pretty fun. In other words, this is to maps what Modern Warfare 2 is to games.




also, techno,

I use teleporters too but they seem simple to me.


I never really understood teleporters but this map used them in a very cool way :)
But it can be taken at any pace.
Haha, rhymes.
Bounceblocks can be annoying by not letting you far enough to touch the teleport, the third room teleport is also a pain because it shooting you straight at a mine.
Nothing much other than that. Definitely feels like a rotting-mansion. Definitely feature worthy.

An amazing map. The only part I dislike was the teleporter to the thwump room, which either killed me or made me spend ages actually hitting it.
still 4.5^
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Demo Data

I hate the thwump room. A lot.

Apparently I already rated this as Gforce20 ('sup 2007!), so I won't rate it again.
Demo Data

This is nice.

Great choice for a feature. Love the atmosphere.


Yeah I had to do the same thing with building a teleporter after the map on my last one! xD I only had to make one (though it was angled)

This is very nice. Props.
on one hand, the best part of this is the rush you get from figuring out where the hell you are when you pop out (in this sense it's much like being born), but on the other hand, a lot of the time you don't get your shit together and a chaingun fucks you up.



i am sorry people


very hard!!

how does the teleporters work? can you give me some advices please?!

@ eamonweiner123

You have 0 maps to compare with. As far as I'm concerned...

ME (at the moment) = 461
You = 0


its just crappy coz you found it easy? ...


too easy, i did it in one go


too easy, i did it in one go
i love it - its like all the aspects of N gathered into small bundles - this is for showing off what the game is capable of - and the final room is great fun. kinda scary in 1st go coz you have no idea where youre going. 5aved. and thanks for the mention :D - i cant believe i didnt see this map earlier. :D

Flow, pfft.

Make a good action map without flow. It's harder, but the result is a lot more rewarding.

mrgy is just great

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Very fun.

Wasn't too keen about the tight spaces,but I still haven't mastered the art of teleportation, so well done about that.



very nice

good job


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Damn teleporter.

Could you fix it?
Demo Data

:( damn

i have no friends..
x.x It's awesome otherwise.
Demo Data

Far too hard.

I mean, seriously, each room by itself is only about 20% difficulty, but when you have so many, that gets drastically increased.
Demo Data

you know

if this weren't so trial and error it would be fantastic. More hectic and too much hard work for my tastes ;p


Simplify slightly and you're on to something.

and ty for the ty