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Author Cryptic
Tags author:cryptic bounceblock dda hold-right kradda multienemy rated
Created 2007-12-19
Last Modified 2007-12-19
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description From Neuteronomy 3.14:

Long before teh internets, the Great Cube in the Corner shuffled his bounce blocks around aimlessly. He grew extremely bored. He sought out the most agile ninja in the universe.

“If you can reach the exit among the bounce blocks before 90 seconds elapse, you will be handsomely rewarded. If not, you die.” The ninja, knowing his skills had been greatly underestimated, accepted the challenge. Conveniently, he was also the cleverest ninja in the universe. The night before the challenge, when the Great Cube was sleeping, he hid traps for himself among the bounce blocks, just to spice things up.

This level is a reenactment of the epic struggle that ensued. Afterwards, the Great Cube claimed the ninja cheated, but rather than have him redo the test, he set up hundreds of others levels, and even had his disciples make levels long after he passed away. They comprise a cult we now know as NUMA.


A DDA right of 1030 frames.

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I got

killed straight away?

very nice

you have some really innovative DDAs




VERY nice idea

good use of bounce blocks and thwumps

Amazing ^^

loved how everything was hidden



This is also a KRADDA! Double-awesome!


Really cool, 4.5aved

Me likes :)

fast good DDA,, no jumppad :)
I liked the way you used the thwumps for propulsion.