Downtime & Switchblades

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Author Cryptic
Tags author:cryptic dda experimental glitches hold-right multi-exit multi-path switch unrated
Created 2007-12-23
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Map Data

Description This is a highly experimental DDA Right. It’s not a very exciting DDA, but it is weird. I’ve incorporated five effects which I have not seen before. In order of occurrence, and roughly left to right:

1: Beam Tracers. The path of each laser drone’s first laser is traced by gold.

2: Mid-Air Thwump Launch. N is launched while standing on thin air.

3: Thwump Stall. N is pushed up a slope three times by one thwump.

4: Gold Wall. N cannot move right until the gold is all collected.

5: Switchblade. Upon hitting the second exit switch, you can either continue holding right, immediately hold left, or hold left just before the thwump starts pushing N up the hill.

Obviously, the switchblade effect cannot have sensitive timing. The second hold left path is somewhat finicky, so I can post a demo if necessary.

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really cool

I didn't get the 3rd way

same here.


Nothing that special to watch but still pretty cool.