The Examiner Is A Moron

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Author mistaken72
Tags action agd author:mistaken72 ded metanet-ish playable rated rocket-based saturday ska symmetrical
Created 2008-04-09
Last Modified 2008-04-10
by 9 people.
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Description A wonderful quote from my Geography teacher today.

Well, try to run some lovely AGD's on this one, quite flowy. I tried a metanet-ish rocket based map, like Desperado and stuff. I found this really fun for manipulation of the rockets. I love the teleporter though. Fastest AGD by Saturday gets a ded!

Thanks to ska for playtesting! Much love to him! <3

Selected for Elimination 2.

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the ending

was an unexpected redeeming quality to the otherwise borderline boringness of the rest of the map.

comp demo

I'm rusty... ^_^
pretty flowy.
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