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Author remote
Tags action author:remote boring playable puzzle rated rejected
Created 2008-04-13
by 10 people.
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Description i made this to go in my super secret map pack that until now only 3 or 4 people knew about.
But i don't like it. so im putting it here =]
ive re-used the original concept and come up with something much better for the pack.

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I loved the general gameplay. 5/5 as a simplistic puzzle.
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Well, at least you don't have to scale the wall.
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if i had (which i am now contemplating =P) i would have added gold and stopped you from being able to scale the wall.

Quite easy

... 3.5
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The map itself is rather average, but it does look nice.

It looks so nice.

I think the one way should have been a bit lower. Meanwhile, back in brixton...

pretty good

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i liked it its a good idea
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