Sweeney Clawed

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Author Sniperwhere
Tags author:sniperwhere rated tileset
Created 2008-04-15
Last Modified 2008-04-15
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Just a tileset. Again. This one took a while.

You know the drill.

Edit: Updated with a little more flow.

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Have to decline the offer. I haven't the time to really do anything that requires a lot of computer time dedication. :/

And thanks. :)
perfect for a race of some sorts


Would you like to be involved in this mappack i've got going? I'm aiming for about 50 maps with around 8-10 authors. Its called A Dying Sonata []


(=, I love it, but I'll try to use it...

can i use it?

i made a dda with it:



Oh, my, god. It made the top rated? Gasp!!! First time ever for me!

Really Nice

The thumbnail looks great, but despite its looks I didn't find it all to flowy
still loved it though. ;)

You know,

I'd /really/ love comments.
Thanks, swim.


Why did you have to tell me that? Had nothing to do with my map. <_<

Approaching 122k.

Me is aiming for it.