Blood Shot

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Author Sniperwhere
Tags author:sniperwhere rated tileset
Created 2008-04-06
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Another tileset. You know the drill. Or at least you should.

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you comment on your maps more than anyone else...


I'll see if i can update this. Though I'm not sure about the negative space thing you said.


I'm no fan of just straight tiles..

Try adding pieces of negative space above the "organs" that follows the curvature of the inner space. (if that made sense!)

Also try making some shafts that cut through the of the larger "bridges", that could look pretty cool.

Adding things to the inside of the tiles will do a lot, like your Sweeney Clawed tiles.

Hope to see a new one soon!


they look like organs. X|
it's completely and perfectly symmetrical on a corner base. Look at the top right and the bottom left. Then look at the top left and bottom right. Each is a reverse of the one opposite.



Very nice tileset, seperate small spaces, but still a lot of room to have fun and work with. 5/5 for the tileset.



I like this one.

It's flowy :D