How To Disappear Completely

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda featured playable thwumps unrated
Created 2008-04-15
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This map was featured on 2010-12-14

Stillness. No wind. No breeze. Shimmer. People walking past, not caring. You stay still, staring across the ro-'Hello'-WHAA

Are... Are you watching me?

It's fun. Nobody can see you. Stealing the money from their pockets, nothing can hurt y-'Hello'-WHATTHEFUCKKK

O..Ohkay. I'm not scared. The doors don't stay locked for long. The rooms don't stay full eith-'I'm naked'-AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! — ChrisE

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Really great

Lovely design, love the aesthetic. Great gameplay suits the aesthetics.

Really great

Lovely design, love the aesthetic. Great gameplay suits the aesthetics.



strobe lights and blown speakers
fireworks and hurricanes

i'm not here
this isn't happening


but AGD
Demo Data

Amazing map

Thanks cahu

I'm gonna guess

From only reading the review, that theres a gauss or ghost drone in the wall.

odd but


red alert,

naked ghosts! oh and good map too


I fucking love skypanda maps. <3
Trying to replicate Thom's silent single, eh?

review is hilarious

map is great either.

love the review

and the map to


its a wonder

how you can get away with such an empty map and make it so amusing and fun to play.

When spet says..

'It makes me hard' He joking that the map has placed his penis in an erect state.


I kind of knew it from the start. Your maps always have this certain aesthetic to them that I really love. It's surprisingly distinguishable for being such a subtle thing.


you're cahu, then?
hey admit it, you like it dirty ;)


you're either a dirty multi-accounter or a good new mapmaker, and either way, you make good maps.

Don't stop. I want more.

1st try AGD

A rather messy go at completion.

Demo Data


sept: is.. is that a good thing? :S
mintnut: thanks

Oh jeez.

Skypanda, this map... makes me harrrd.


probably my favourite mapamacaker.

This was a bit boring in terms of gameplay, but the whole aesthetics and general ideas are spot on. What I mean to say is; sex?

good song