Part 3: Rubiks Down

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob featured playable puzzle rated storytime
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description The ninja – after saving the giraffe from certain doom – found himself in a strange cavern. The ninja’s initial thought was “What the fuck! I just saved a giraffe from a loaf of bread! Why am I here!” Then he saw the giant “Rubik’s Cube” in front of him. And once again it thought “What the fuck!” only without the giraffe part. Then the ninja fled for its life leavening the poor giraffe to die (yes sadly enough to die). He had a Rubik’s Cube to solve, or at least move the stickers around a bit.

To be continued...


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Dedication # 3 for Destiny.

This map was featured on 2015-01-28

To me, Evil_Bob is one of NUMAs all-time greatest authors. When I play through his maps, I'm constantly thinking 'wow, that was clever'. His mapping method is based around mechanical tricks, puzzles and contraptions, and to this day I have not seen anybody surpass him in that.

Rubiks Down is six and a half years old now, and every single moment of it is still fresh. If this map were to come out today, it would still be heralded as creative and original.

This map will amaze and puzzle you. I implore you to unravel the secrets of Rubiks Down. — _destiny^-

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sick map... but cheatable :V
Demo Data
Just after posting I found a much quicker route and less stupid route.
Demo Data
But this was really easy. I died a few times on the mines in the final chimney because I wasn't paying attention, but I had a good route down after the first time I had released all the drones and understood their paths.

Still a fun map though. I really like like it.
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You can beat the drone if you want to and get around 1000 frames in a speed run.. but I am too lazy

i can solve a full rubiks cube in around 1 min... ;D

umm. becuase umm.

No time for your foolery!
Wait, why did he die?

Very clever

AGD would take me ages to figure out ^^
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Almost agd

Just the drone freaked me out at the end and I accidentally ended.

I can solve 2 layers of a rubix cube but then I get stuck. :(

Great map 5/5aved
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Very intelligent map. 4/5, extremely innovative.
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On Nreality.

I haven't either.


Or done that.
That would be cheatering.I kept rotating one face until the internal screw came apart, then put it together so that it was solved.


How did that happen?