Red Mist: Part 2

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon mine-jumper playable rated red-mist rf-minejumper very-hard
Created 2008-07-27
Last Modified 2008-07-27
by 30 people.
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Description Dedicated to romaniac [] for AGD'ing Red Mist: Part 1 []

Second installment in the Red Mist series. It has a shitload of mines. Not for slow computers. One of the hardest mine-jumpers I have ever seen. Don't rate down because it's too hard for you or loads to slowly.


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on this map at some point.
shouldn't be too terribly hard.


bah. too easy
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Arona_Daal, you say that as mapmaker he needs to use as little objects as possible. Does he really? You do not have the right to say that. A mapmaker can do whatever he wants with a map, but, people like it differently.
There are no solid rules about mapmaking, it's only a matter of opinion.




mines everywhere:)
btw congrats with the reviewer status:)


omg this series is the best jumpers I have ever played! 5/5aved


I forgot to add this in the quotes: 'while keeping it aesthetically pleasing'. but I'm certain you can make it aesthetically pleasing with less mines. looking forward to the next part! :)


have a point. I will make Red Mist 3 with less mines.

I kind of

agree with Arona_Daal, except instead, I'd say: "As a map maker you need to use as few objects as possible to make the gameplay as good as it can be ". You did a pretty good job since I bothered to wait for it to load every few seconds. However, you may not want to push your luck. Because no matter how good a map may be, I won't press R if the loading time is greater than my enjoyment of the map. Which became the case on that map that took 12 seconds or so for my computer to load at the lowest image quality setting.

This map takes 14 or 15 seconds to load. I really like the variety and flow-yness of jumps. 5aved for when I get better. (Gosh! my comment's huge.)


I was trying it without the use of the trapdoors :P
I think the first one was actually harder than this, also it looked slightly better because it was growing out of the ground (to me it looked like that)
5 thanks for the ded
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love it. i like this better than the first, the firsts was too hard, and the gold wasn't worth it. This is more enjoyable, the first was better looking, but this is more fun.
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are intitled to an opinion.

You are also intilted to a style. If you don't like a map, then don't like a map. He's just dsiplaying a style. Nothing it loved by everyone.

great map.

like 6.5!
ummm lemme think, the gameplay was spot on, good hard jumps. And the mines were cool and well placed, i didnt feel the effects of loading time cuz my pc is fast soooooooooo.

check my map.


i like

the red mist idea. i agree about the mines, but i don't know what can really be done about it. if it's unavoidable, it's fine. so, 4/5

Ok then

Thank you for letting me know.


I wouldn't think of leaving until I left my opinion, and there you have it, you don't have to read it of course, but I think that the mines are useless and therefor my rating of the map would suffer. That's all.

Cool it dude

Cussing is fine in my opinion. However that's not the point. The point is, this series is based upon a "mist" of mines. It doesn't matter if they don't contribute to gameplay, that's not the purpose. If you are perturbed about the loading of this map, you can leave.

Bullshit you say?

I don't think so. Half of those mines are useless, and as nice as they look, all they do is add more loading time. If an object contributes to gameplay, by all means put it in, but otherwise, leave it out. Also, watch your language, there are kids that play this game, and a contrast of opinions is no reason to use profanity, even if it's not against site rules.

i have a good pc

so i dont care about object numbers. But you do have to be careful with minejumpers. ish.


watching all those mines reload when I die really crushes my desire to keep trying. it looks good, but... man.


4aved. A bit easier than the last one.

Loading Speed

should be taken into consideration on all playable maps. As a map maker you need to use as few objects as possible to make the gameplay as good as it can be. With that in mind, 4/5, - 1 because of the useless mines.
It loads too slowly and is too hard for me, so 3/5

very nice looking

and it fits romaniac, imo. gameplay's pretty normal, but it is better than most stuff right now.

5/5 to keep rating happy


Perfect, dude.

This is

a good style, but be careful. Don't grow a dependence on a style, nobody likes the same maps over and over. Good fun though. 4/5

Great map.

The jumps have a beautiful flow to them and it looks lovely.

I can't make it all the way atm. I'll fav it for later.

Very awesome.

Great aesthetics and gameplay. I look forward to the rest of the series.

4.5 rounded to 5 for sufficiently high values of 4.5

Beautiful aesthetics and good flow. 5aved.

ty ^^



I'm suprised you were able to AGD it so quickly. I'll link you to your DED when it comes out.


Again :D

that trap door you added... kept killing me as i came down from the switch.. so...i kinda improvised :D
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ill give it to you anyway, that was my mistake. although you should probably just go for another AGD, just so others don't get angry.


im so sorry

First try

AGD - Oh yeah!

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no, you were right

I was playtesting, deleted the ninhja, and forgot to replace him. Actually, redownload it cause I also took out a 1-way that was used for playtesting.