Cosmic Flora

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon easy fun playable rated rf-flowyspeedrun
Created 2008-07-27
Last Modified 2008-07-27
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to _destiny^- [] for completing Red Mist: Part 2 [].

Yay another flowy-speedrun map. Post fast AGD's.

Fastest AGD by tomorrow (NUMA time) gets a DED.

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liked it a lot

5/5 it was really fun

i agree with Ryzor

I didn't know there was NUMA time!

Too damn difficult!

(for me)! Yeah, it's hard, but everything was placed very well. There are two kinds of hard maps...ones with grace and ones without. This was the former.

I enjoyed being blown up multiple times :)


I love all of your maps... When I stumbled upon Tenacity, I couldn't help but look at your others. I don't think you have a single map I don't like. Keep it up and I will always try to follow your maps.


was a rush! I love how the constant threat kept me moving while the flow never seemed against me. The multiple paths - allowing for repeated agd attempts without too much chore - work greatly in favour of the gameplay.

I'm not sure if it's the most unique map ever, but there's certainly something refreshing about it.

Cool number agd :)

Thanks ATOB

I like how you delete these things, it makes me want to be able to do it.


Users are entitled to their own opinions outside of the consensus. The way you reacted to Bupos original post (no matter how much his opinion upset you) is not acceptable.

Please try to take criticism with a more mature manor in the future.

A few posts have been deleted, I don't want to have to worry about some petty little war exploding here and if it does disciplines will be dealt.


going to play some more before deciding on a rating.
About the time, I meant what NUMA time is it like now? or where can I find what it is?


Sorry for that.
No reason to get pissed. Maybe he's just a nonconformist. On a map that's highly rated, such as this, there is a huge chance that someone will not like it. In this case, that's Bupo.

On the other hand, Radium does have a point. Make sure you check out some other opinions. Not just to necessarily get you into rating just like the public, but maybe there is something you missed about the map.

Then again, Bupo has a point about the gameplay. Gold is placed generically, and the gameplay is a bit generic with multiple doors and an exit.

But then again, the entire thing isn't generic. It looks good, plays a bit well, and is a little fun. Although, the chaingun was a bit useless, and felt like it was just added in there for fun. Two rockets in a slightly cramped space is a bit much. The gauss also added to the cramped feeling. One or two nicely placed enemies would work in this, instead of four. All the doors were more of an annoyance than fun. One door with the exit would have been enough, b ut since there is 5 door keys and an exit switch in a small semi-circle area filled with 2 rockets, a chaingun, a gauss, and more tiles give this an entirely cramped area, which takes a lot of fun out of it. I'd give this a solid 3, and I will.

Just chill

those comments are probbably going to be deleted anyway, just forget it and move on. NR


very fun and good flow :) 5/5
Demo Data


The chaingun works well, but I would enjoy it more if it moved. The gold placement is unnatractive, though, and maybe it could have been better with a few less turrets.

Two of the switches and one piece of gold look out of place.

3.5/ = 4/5


his map is actually not that bad. i can actually see what he's saying, although this clearly doesn't deserve a 2, and he's overdone it. this is sort of generic, but it's fine. don't worry about what he said. 3.5/5 rounded up


an incredibly fun enemie dodging map!
how long did it take to make the perfect mine semi circle?


i tried so hard, and got so far...

you know the next line
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an incredibly generic gameplay setup inside an even more generic design. look to differentiate.

1.5, rounded up.

The timezone that NUMA follows.


NUMA time?