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Author Blu_Otaku
Tags author:blu_otaku playable race unrated
Created 2005-09-20
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Description First of all, if you dont know what BT is, it stands for Bunny Tracks, which exists as maps from Unreal Tournament 99'. You basically go around jumping through obsticiles, doging shooting, and etc. But, in UT, it was a race to beat the other team to the end, getting the most points. Here, you must simply get the greatest time!

I might make a line of these types of maps, while i make my Way Of The Ninja (action) maps :O.

Post your demos of your fastest times, and try to get all the gold!

BTW: At the end, you have to continously hit the door with your ninja to open it up. It also sends you back when you 'attack'.

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