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Author Numby
Tags agd author:numby medium minejumper playable rated thwumps
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
by 5 people.
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Description Minejumper-ish map. RCE. :D

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I like this a lot!

It plays so much better than it looks.
The thwumps are just enough of a threat.
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They added an element not often seen in minejumpers. I didn't like the tileset at all - it was bland and kinda boring - but the gameplay, as in all your minejumpers (and most of your maps, TBH) was good enough to merit a 4 for the map as a whole. Watch the attached AGD as well - I got a sweet moving thwump propulsion I'm pretty stoked on even if it was a crappy demo otherwise =P
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lol slowish near agd :( quit fun 4/5
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At first glance i though "bad map" but its was fun enough to keep me trying for an AGD so finally here it is also 3/5
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minejumpers aren't really my thing, but I liked how the thuwmps added tension when you went near the sides without forcing you to stay on the structure
also the tileset looked kind of messy