The Feds are comming!

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Author exuberance
Tags action aggro author:exuberance escape playable seeker unrated
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
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Uh oh. N didn't pay his taxes do the drones and now he's got some killer chainguns on his metaphorical tail! (as opposed to his non-existant literal one) Better be quick!

Don't aggro the zap drone, for he is fiendish. (translation: if you let the seeker zap drone escape his lil' room, he'll spoil your fun by blocking the exit.

If I were you, (and I admit, I'm not. Unless of course I'm reading this. In that case, hi!) I'd go for the 2 switches at the the top of the screen right away before the chainguns get out in view.

EDIT: Made the part with the drone easier by leveling the ground

BONUS POINTS if you can identify the reference in the above image.

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Kinda sloppy, your other map with this concept is better.

I started watching it because I would always watch Gilligan's Island when I was on vacation, but I went through all of them on a particularily rainy weekend, so I needed another old show to watch! :D


very good, I really only know that cos my last name is Schultz and my Dad loves that show. (I also think it is a bit funny :P) Nice, suitable comic anyway.

Also, the map is definitely above the average..

oh, you said it's Schultz. Didn't see that.

Wasn't expecting anyone to get it...

...CBS presents this map IN COLOUR

Not always

He says both "I know nothing" and "I see nothing"

...if we're thinking of the same thing. (Sgt. Schultz from Hogan's Heroes)


it's, "I KNOW nothing"


The intended way to do this is to keep the drone in the room, then sneak by him.

But if you're feeling rebelious, you can draw him out from the outside and, as you as you don't screw up his path again, we won't block the exit
Kind of blew it in the second part
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I'd apply for a reviewer spot, you write very well