Prison Power Plant Puzzle Three

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt dronepaths drones rated zapdrones
Created 2008-10-15
Last Modified 2008-10-15
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Woo, another experimental map involving drone pathing. Highscorers are welcome, and if anyone else wants more high scoring action involving drones, have a look at my last two maps.

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I liked every second of it! 5


It does look like a fish. Vive la fish fad!
I like the taste of fish.

Little laggy though.

oh my god G-ham what have you done. once i got going, though i found out just how awesome this is. i wanna make maps like this so simple and so fantastic loved the idea 5

Meh, 3.5^

This is more action than puzzle. You only needed maybe two drones instead of 4 and that would have significantly decreased the lag. Thats about it.


I seem to have trouble with this map. It keeps on making N lag. That makes it nearly impossible to pull off my desired course. NR atm.
Demo Data

I saw this before

but didn't comment.
I think it's a little too repetitive to be fun, but the drone patterns were cool.


I kinda dont get that comment, but thanks anyway :P Do you mean the map isnt hard but that works in its favor?


hard when doing a normal play!

Sub 2000 AGD

1600 should be possible, idk.
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