Surprise Surprise!

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Author Lightning55
Tags 100 100th action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2008-11-02
Last Modified 2008-11-02
by 8 people.
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Description 100th map.

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Merry christmas! I can't beat this.
But I usually don't play metanet levels that much.


is not necessarilly the best thing to do. you have to make sure you bring everything into account, appearance, flow, manueverability etc. not just the lasers. thats something i should probably do more, but eh :P

on another note, congrats on the 3 awesome new skins. i have yet to beat the MTI chapter or any of the nreality chapters >.<
but all others i have in the bag

So mean

I spent 2 1/2 hrs on this making sure the lasers could fire the best.


I agree with Eganic the most, if Im being honest.
meaning 35 extra attacking opportunities. It's not that bad.

No rating from CS. ;_;


my comps brocken. evil. really evil. ^^ 5/5
I got pink, gold, and teal in one single weekend <3 <3 <3

ah! happy 100th

a little sloppy, but i can see you spent some time on this 3
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Those lasers can shoot through some pretty tight spaces