The Savage Hunt of the Elusive Ninja

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2008-12-12
Last Modified 2008-12-12
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I'm generally disappointed that my maps have usually been pushed off the front page by spammy maps by the many new users here. I kindly request that you look at my other maps please. Elusive...such a cool word.

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loved it


Thanks a bunch PNI

<3 To all.


Quite the word, isn't it? 4.5/5 rounded up. I like the chainguns.
But overall it was pretty decent. Fairly good enemy placement, looked challenging but werent actually that difficult to overcome. But yeah this does feel kinda rushed at points. 3


but I really think this is worth a 3. And so that is what it got. <3 to Destiny.


But I'll add more.
The mines on the top right look really good, but if they were incorporated into the gameplay more, then it would've been much better. The chainguns were not really serving their purpose that well. A gauss or two would have probably been better. The path getting to the door key left too much opportunities to just get hit by a stray shot, which I found a bit demoting for this map. The effect you tried to get with the tiles didn't seem to be complete, and felt like it would've been better filled it.
I hope you can try making better maps, as I felt this map was a "rush-to-submit" map.

Ouch XD

I didn't want to add too many mines because I felt it would be cluttered and I really didn't want this to turn into a minejumper. I know the rocket was much too easy and kinda boring though tbh.

Tiles edgier? I really don't get that. =/
too much space and not enough mines imo. tiles could've been edgier plus the rocket area wasn't too good. 2/5

I agree

I don't have much of a problem with them if it's their first map, but when they post like 20 maps and have no improvement it's no more than a nuisance.

About the map:
I thought it was fun, but the chainguns would've been better as lasers imo. The mines made this map good; they were perfect :) 3.5^
that I have made. Faved for myself XD

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but I'm not on much.