Electric Blue - 150th map

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Author Kaylab
Tags 150th author:kaylab ded n-reality palantini rated
Created 2008-12-16
Last Modified 2008-12-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description N-reality will make this map look more Hardcore but you don't need it.
Tile-set here [].
Tiles made by Palantini.

This Map is also Dedicated to Palantini for making me such an awesome DED as you can see. ;D

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Can u plz tell me

how 2 make links? comment on my map plz
great tiles


lol, i was realllllly lucky. i should have died
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As shown in the demo.
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But this is very fun. Great replayability. 4.

gratz on 150

but the map is meh-meh

Hello Kind Sir?

PM? lol


the dp looks sweet, looks like its bleeding, and since this is your 150 heres is a fancy 5


congrats and 5/5. hey look at my newest map.
Fireworks and all!
Gratz on 150!
5 for the last 150