Altitude Fears

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda featured playable puzzle unrated
Created 2008-12-20
Last Modified 2008-12-20
Map Data

Description Action puzzle hybrid, depending on your level of skill

This map was featured on 2010-06-15

Skypandas live high in the clouds, unreachable for normal human beings. Fortunately, you’re a ninja.

This map has no excessive gold or mines to make up for the aesthetical value; it just has the items needed to create a real ninja experience. Running through the night, avoiding being shot, trying to grab those few pieces of gold along the way, and climbing all the way up to visit a skypanda. You really shouldn’t have altitude fears.

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A really beautiful, simple, atmospheric map. Design at its best.

First try.

Not too hard, but really neat.
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Nice map

Simple but very effective. Now how do I get up?

Beautiful map, SkyPanda.
but the rest grew on me. Here's an agd stonedeagle is faster but I can't really see where. Also if anyone cares I'm back.
Demo Data

space battle

kicks so much ass.
...but took me a while to notice, is how the top tiles (and objects) are duplicated at the top, but this translation manages to offer a completely different playing experience. So just for that you get my nod of approval, despite my utter loathing for the top guass :P
the only gauss that felt metanet to me was the second one from the bottom.
I mean, sure, I don't enjoy most of the in-game maps (though there are some exceptions like space battle and blue ridge corporate center), but I still respect metanet given the fact that they made this damn awesome game and the fact that they had absolutely no one from whom they could draw inspiration and good technique. When you consider that, they did a pretty nice job.

I disagree. The guass placement on the very top and very bottom are extremely metanet. The other maybe not but those two for sure.

I agree with maxson that this isn't very Metanetish... However, not because it's "too good for Metanet", but because of little details that make it feel not like a Metanet map -- eg., the lone 8-tile circle, the gauss placements, and the jump to the top half of the map.

Good review choice

the map is a great blend of simplicity n variety of action, considering the very few elements needed for the map

very good map
this map is much too good to be metanet :3

Too metanet for me. =\ It was a good map though.

A bit faster

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Good choice, crescor.

Oh yes,

thanks to ChrisE for proofreading.


This is a classic concept done very well. Good feature.
Demo Data
but it's expertly done and shows a real talent for building with the subtle nuances of the game.

Excellent choice for a feature.
haha, alrighty.
but I feel I have to respond to this:

80-0, dude. or have you not gotten that far on the in-game levels? Metanet added gold to the original map.

no it's not ;)

but i'm glad you liked it
Five out of five.

thanks people

I might make a better map later on with same concept


I'm thinking this would be a good 39-4
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Average AGD

The jump to the top half was pretty fun.
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Cool stuff



i liked it