Loots and Shatters

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-10-10
Last Modified 2005-10-10
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description Beat this level *without* using the jump key. (Only use the directional keys to move left and right.)

Use the thwumps to lift you and the side chutes to drop back down. See if you can beat it! Try for speed runs.

Leave me comments. Tell me if you like the style. Post some sweet demos.

See how much gold you can nab. All-gold runs = super friggin' awesome!!

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Vertical squeeze.
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I get stuck tho.
Demo Data
This is a really nice map.
Demo Data


I accidentally copied G_S's demo and lost my own.

My bad.


T3H 5K1LL5!
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Made a real all-gold to make up for it
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You forgot to read. Read the description of the level. Try to get all gold *without* using the jump key.


I must have gotten really lucky - second try :). 4.5/5 and favd
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thought it was cool 5/5
thought it was cool 5/5

ps -

equations aside, you have a rockin' map here. I'm still working on an all gold demo.
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He's absolutely right. I.... I should have forseen it. Gradeschool Bananamath! You have failed me again!

i'll tell you how!

boring + BANANA + lag + dumb x turtle - pumpkins = 0/5!! the equation is simple.

* * * * *

How could this not be 5/5? Inventive, challenging, and fun.