05~1: Wild Wild West

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action agd author:guitar_hero_matt gauss gtmap-pack unrated
Created 2009-01-21
Last Modified 2009-01-21
Map Data

Description Cowboy's Clover Revolver. AGD map inspired by Lord Day and Skyline.

Also, sidenote. I'm disabling ratings on all of my Arborist's Edition maps so that I can edit the NUMA versions regardless and because of mass feedback, and so that the complete versions are available without resubbing.

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also rce'd

also nice

fastest speedrun

second try
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and of course you disable ratings on one of my favorite maps from you XD

Also, regarding atob's comment: same thing is happening to me, except I've been stupid enough to submit anyway XD Once I'm done with all these collabs and scrimmages I'll probably be taking a break, too


That was intentional, which is why I eventually swapped the titles around. :)


I liked how it felt cramped, but didn't look cramped.
Also (and I'm not sure whether this was intentional), I liked how it was called "Wild Wild West" and used the left side of the map. I love subtle nuances like that :P 4.5^

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I'm bored.

And not producing maps I'm happy with. A break is good in times like these.

Botched Agd

Thanks for the feedback, atob and meta.
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slow a g d

fun, I especially like how you can glide smoothly over the gaps in the tiles.

The design needs some imagination though, same old same old.
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I'll try to find a good gold route later, so favorited for now.

good job

much better flow and more fun =D

would you

like me to make you an object-set? With your new advice?

Better now.

More fun


Guess Im not lazy... basically I reverted that section to it's original form, with some mine clusters instead of floorguards and a channel instead of two chimney sections.
Here's what I intended. I tried moving it into other positions but then it either lost all threat or became too dominating over the gold directly above the mines on the jutting section.

However, your point about the mines and flow is absolutely true. I'll see what I can do; this is why I decided to disable ratings on these maps, to provide the best possible experience.

Might edit tomorrow, slightly busy atm.


Did you ever rate my last map?


It was great fun.
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um i dont like the far left sniper because it targets you before you can get into that room wth it, maybe move it a tad upwards. only one floorguard is really needed down there, imo. the top right corner is poitless though it adds to the look it should also add to the gameplay. the bottom most gold should be able to be drop down through, at the mo there are mines that kill if you fall through the gold removing that i think will add to the flow. The bottom right is to empty for my liking but otherwise good map

argh agds to hard

4 from me

Ok I'll work on it

and I'll pm you. I cant start right away though. :)


nice fun map to agd and speedrun, expect agd soon
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Send me an example review and I'll go over the good and bad points.




Is this of any relevance? I wouldn't know, considering I havent seen any of your stuff. Also, I wouldnt get your hopes up; reviewer positions are closed for at least a month.


Nphasis arn't you making the map for our collab?

Do you think I'm

reviewer material?

Thanks :)

What did you like about the map? Feedback would be more useful than figurative ratings.


is quite fun too :)

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I'd like to.

But then I'd clog NUMA with the unedited final versions unless I did a massive resub, and I really dont want to screw the system that way. It's for the pack's good.

I don't like this either, though. I reckon there should be a system where people can rate and the author can see what they rated, but the rating itself cannot be publically seen and doesnt (or may) affect the float/sink system. Then, edits of rated maps would definitely be pheasible, and everyone wins.

If only you'd

let me rate.
The mines were nice. The launch pads got you where you needed to be. 4aved
Very solid map.