Diminutive Demundo

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable race rated
Created 2009-01-22
Last Modified 2009-01-22
by 9 people.
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Description Race-ish, hence the tag. Also, there is a route for highscore and a route for speedrun. Ded to the fastest (one for AGD and one for speedrun) by the next time I make a map.

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love the tileset


Haha. Okay.

ska's demo is still wayyy better.
This one was mine:
Demo Data
It got better as it carried on though, and I liked the mines around the exit.


Rocket wasn't bad, the top last laser was a bit harsh though.


The already scarce tileset is crammed to bursting point with mines, and the lasers + rockets were beyond annoying. It felt like you were trying to stuff the flow down our throats. The only positive I see is that it's pretty from the thumbnail =/
Demo Data


That is actually pretty close to the intended route.


my agd obviously is not the intended route.
Demo Data

very nice

It's a fun map. I was surprised by its flow, atfirst it looked like a complicated minne jumper, but it was very well thought out and assembled, great work!

anti-sniped :3

woulda rated a four, kickin name, pretty cool level.


Yeah, and that unique flow took a few hours to playtest because I couldn't get the right flow half of the time.


has a unique flow