Blind Parasite

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2009-01-17
Last Modified 2009-01-17
by 7 people.
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Description The Utopian Map Pack Released!!!!! []

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5aved and saved



Why aren't you on IRC right now?


All your hours on this payed off.


I've never had a problem with that mine.
and the gameplay is good...started to get annoying after a while...but most mine jumpers do anyway... i know what u mean about taking ages and kno one really rating etc. pisses me off too..

anyway... rate 3/5 it was just a little bit empty i think

I'm really sad

I spend hours on this making it aesthetically pleasing, Z-snapping a lot of gold and mines. I put much work into playtesting and trying to be a tech jump map, but not too techie. And then, only 2 rates so far ;__;
i'll comment and stuff in a little bit.


It twas a good map, aesthetics were alright, gameplay was good. The whole "OMG UBER SPIRAL" thing is just a silly cliche to me now. Also, getting out of that pit with the gauss shooting me annoyed the fuck out of me. There were way too many mines. (I'm referring to the ones around bounce-blocks)

However, the gameplay was great at the floorguard/climbing up part.

Demo Data

I just go in order

I've been stuck on 69-2 for a while
That's what I've been trying. Oh well, my fault, not yours :P
But I didn't even beat 50's yet, not to mention 70-90's columns.
I haven't even beaten the 60's column yet XD
But from what I can do, it's incredibly fun, original, and looks fantastic. 5aved
Too lazy, but I have gotten an AGD. Didn't record, and probably wouldn't have saved either =/
Demo Data

It is a tech jump

you jump on the 2 tile then do a quick wall on side.


So close ;_;
Demo Data

It looks great

The inner tiles look like a serpent with the ninja standing on its neck. Making the rocket section optional was definitely a good call.
Also, how do you get up to the exit? Did I miss a trapdoor or something?
It takes less time.
I'll rate after I play
A lot of mines (and gold) are Z-snapped. How does it look?