City of the Damned

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 playable race rated
Created 2008-12-26
Last Modified 2008-12-26
by 5 people.
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Description This was supposed to be an action map. But somehow, it had flow, so I added on to it and made it more racey. It isn't very action packed, but I tried =/

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is much easier than the route I proposed. Both are AGDs.

It was hard:(

but I liked it, I wouldn't consider it a race as much as an action 'race'. I don't know what people are saying but I like the look, it was new, abstract. good work, 4/5 (because it was hard and unclear at first)

5 = <3


Awesome :3

This map's flow wasn't immediately obvious to me so I took some time figuring it out. That was nice. I love how things cross everywhere.
It doesn't look amazing but it doesn't really look ugly at all to me.
I gave it a 5 because I don't do that so much. Also because I had a lot of fun :P

if you insist

i suppose since pre-christmas, christmas, and post-christmas are all pretty much over, now is a good time to change back.

i'll be sure to have an excellet new avatar for new years as well..


Map []

Map []

A majority of maps on NUMA look horrid but play pretty amazingly, like yours (totally imo of course). But you showed an example that is maybe 20 out of your total maps, including the massive amounts of delisted maps. As for me, I don't delist a lot, unless it is a joke map or something of the sort. I also delist if I do a remake or resub, which is not very often. As for you, you have less than 100 maps again.

I make my maps for gameplay. I don't have any style or anything. You do. Your action maps follow your style, have a certain aesthetic appeal, and have nice action. It is just different ways to make maps.

I beg to differ

*cough* []

Anyway, your maps play alright.


Your maps aren't the prettiest things in the world either.


Ok... I practice in the location of Gold.

Wow! Coool!!
This Map is fun and faster.
you gotta be pretty fast. New AGD and full flow.
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Oops, gotta edit a bit. The flow is messed up at the end. Another tile should do it =/
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One rate

and no comment?