Lord's Challenges

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 minejumper playable rated tilejumper
Created 2008-12-20
Last Modified 2008-12-20
by 5 people.
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Description RCE. Spent a lot of time playtesting this. AGD is possible. Have fun with the trampoline. I embraced my gaussian spirit. I'm finally leaving lasers (maybe...).

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I've been meaning to demo this for a bit of time now, but after watching that, I won't bother. Much speedier than I'll ever be, Nexx. Anyways, I liked the level for all of the same reasons he gave, but thought that the mix of jumper and action was pretty good. Nice map, 4/5.


This is interesting and fairly fun, but it could have been better, IMO. In the first place, the jumper part in the beginning got me in the mood to do a jumper map, but then it went on to do actiony stuff. I didn't like the finickiness of the whole top left gold area (getting up and getting over), but the next jump to the one-way is a good challenge. Then the gold gathering is okay, but not too exciting. The rocket part at the end is good, as is that one mine next to the exit (I'm sure some would call it annoying but I thought it was a nice touch).

Overall, I liked it, but it needs more. I think I just don't like jumper and action together like this. If you're going to shoot for that, I recommend integrating the jumper parts in bits and pieces with the action, like the jump to the one-way and not like the beginning. Also, the action parts (save the rocket) could be more interesting. 3/5
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Hard but funny. Jumping platform idea is nice ^^


I like the mines as an extension of the tileset, it looks nice.

I'm kinda in the same boat as Z3phyr, though. Suck too much at the first bit. (... And the second bit.) The rest was pretty fun, through the magic of debug mode.

4/5 for the tileset and the part I did play.. That rocket's placement kept killing me when I passed over it :P

First Part Demo.

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I cant seem to get past the first bit, so my opinions might be flawed. I like this quite alot, the mines seem to be placed well and overdone at the same time, cant decide which one i think is more true, Merry Christmas!

Oh yes...

The enemy placement is really well done as well.
And the tileset is really open as well. 5/5.