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Author Technochocolate
Tags action author:technochocolate greek-letter hard playable rated tileset
Created 2009-01-29
Last Modified 2009-02-19
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description #9 of the Greek Letter [] Series
Yes, another one with thwumps, but this one is different. Definitely harder than it looks.
note: This is in the shape of capital Pi, not the familiar lowercase Pi you see in math.

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capital pi lol
4/3(pi)(r)squared=volume of a sphere.

nice challenge i made it to the bottom at least =D...

your not going in order of the greek alphabet? i thought you were for some reason =P thats why i didnt think you already made pi.

sorry =( i hope my 5aved helps =D
Demo Data


, everyone beats me


like the thwumps.

the_happy_taco, is that from memory?

here's how far i have it memorized.

going to check that out =)
my map and yes I did forget to rate got distracted looking up cool dda's sorry just 1 other thing you said "It took me too long to figure out that i had to go right" you can actually go left or right that's the point it's a 2 route race and if you missed that it might have looked worse than it actually is if your still interested checkout my demos for both left and right there at the bottom of the comments page. If you already realized this then sorry to patronise.

Thank you, chume

those were good dda's, I appreciate you showing me it...
It's, just that you forgot to rate...

This was good more

quality tiles and thuwmps I think there was exactly the right number. 4.2/5

I saw this after reading your comment on this map
Saying it was the best dda you had ever seen I felt obligated to point you in the direction of some that were actually good.
All cliftys maps particularly route 666 is the greatest thing ever
All phycosnails maps particularly rem
and also by lord_of_peanuts
and by formica
and by Inclyde
those are the ones that spring to mind right now check them out but there are loads

to the_happy_taco you say n-art is dead tile-sets are dieing have you really looked around sure the hot maps page is constantly clogged up with crap because so many hundreds of new people are discovering n but there has been some literally jaw-dropping maps recently if you look for them and some people doing some really original stuff (check out some of my maps)

peoples pov

it changes, poeple want certian things or they wont vote, like someone can make an extravigant tileset, and no one will vote because they dont like it, things like that
"...for somebody to realize a work of art from total crap has been mixed and no one knows where to..."
I was at two basketball games, which is why I also neglected to respond.

heh still going...

i noticed looking at your maps that people had commented the same as me...

times have changed...


did u mean the speech or the comments about the thwumps?
but what i was trying to say is that peoples ideas of what is good changes. like favs, bellbottem jeans and disco were in in the 60s, now there dead, like n, n art was famous now its simple strait forward maps that are in. look at maps the beter players make, like the featured maps. Many ideas sprout from others maps, like u said from looking at my maps.

"If u build it, poeple will come."
I'm not giving the idea yet, but you've inspired me to make it, so I'll mention you somehow. It'll be my first one, so i hope it goes well.

with happy n'mas

u should look at it, u dont need to rate it, just look, those are the old days im talking about. In the old numa, the map made it to the top five for 20 minutes so i was happy about the map.
its been over a year and so much has changed. n art is dead, tilesets are dying. I easpecially miss the good artists, almost everyday there was a new art, now there gone, thats were i got my insperation for happy n'mas, and oviusly im a 2d artist not a 3d one. Want to get back in to business but im still busy. All im trying to say is that times have changed and for somebody to realize a work of art from total crap has been mixed and no one knows where to look give u a 4/5 since ur having a tough time. All id say is mass thwumps are really only good in ddas, but thats just me


3.1415926535897932384626 is as far as i was bored enough to memorize it once, lol.
i wish ppl would play the map tho...

mmmm pie


too many thwumps?

the thwumps are the theme of the map. Sigma [] would have too many thwumps.


try the map :)

my bad


too many thwumps imo


Pi*Pie=(Pi^2)+ Pi*e)


I suggest trying the map :)


pi pie
or pisquared