Mustard Marquee

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Author -LordOfPeanuts-
Tags action author:-lordofpeanuts- ded playable unrated
Created 2009-02-16
Last Modified 2009-02-16
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Description Ded to Mustardude. Sorry for lag....

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Cool stuff though.
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Nicely done. I only got the normal slight LAG I always get from playing on Vista, so this played pretty well for me. Epic map. Very cool concept.

lol best AGD ever
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lol worst AGD ever
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i've got this thing

called school

I'm still here though ;)


this is an amazing map, holy frgaosidfjoij! so crative and fun, but the lag is crazy, I'll leave the fave as it is :D I don't know why I didn't comment when I first played this :/ btw, the tiles you gave me, are a bit harder than I though, I'll probably post the map tomorrow, I've already started, just gotta keep working on it, you'll see the finish :D


thats crazy.
I mean... christ that must have taken ages. You better be satsified, mustardude... :P
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I used some of your tiles for this map too, in case you couldn't tell
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the lag got to me

ah well, its essentially an agd.
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ded of the year

holy freaking cow.


That is very cool, but I can't beat it.