Ice House

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Author bluenin
Tags action author:bluenin rated
Created 2009-03-08
Last Modified 2009-03-08
by 5 people.
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Description Enjoy?

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First try.

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you're hyperlink seems just fine :P For as far as my HTML knwoledge goes.

I think you mean

this, [] cheesemonger.


I've forgotten how to make hyperlinks...
I meant this:


I kinda works like <a href="">this</a>. The rocket provides a constant threat, the tileset is great, the mines, gold, bounceblocks all fit this map like a glove, although who wears three gloves?
I'm babbling, so I'll just say 5aved.


on NReality. Try and beat it.


Get the upper gold here, thats really annoying with that bounce block :)
I rate it an 3.5/5 up.
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Watch the simleness

Also here i love the ending with the rocket :P
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Love it

I really love gameplay, first did the left room.
(i especially like the ending of the demo :P)
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