Bury the Hatchet

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr mappack playable rated
Created 2009-03-17
Last Modified 2009-03-17
by 24 people.
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Description Preview from my secret goodbye mappack!

--Vices & Virtues--

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Just to let you know, you have always been my favorite mapper. Love the tiles.
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Pathetic AGD,

but I really can't be bothered to make a better one. I don't like the map.
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I just cant get used to it
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i think i'm going to play the pack.

what i liked

was the way the mines, launchpads, gold, and chaingun all worked together. the whole map was very well put together.

really disagree with skyline. the gold and tiles came together well. faved.


undeniably fun but too easy.
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Agree with skyline

This is fine, but a little generic compared to some of your other stuff.


I love it.
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First try, actually :)

This is pretty awesome.
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they can be nice, or they can be secret rapists =D


Goodbye pack. ;-;

Well, we all gotta go at one point.


I just agree with everyone

<3 Blackson



THAT is one schmexy chaingun.

Agree with skyline

its your standard launchpad-gold map with some mines and fancy tiles
since your early days.


*Sexy Gold spam and contrived tiles.


Gold spam and contrived tiles.


you too?! i will miss your maps

speedy demo.

honeycomb resemblance + an angery chaingun + well-placed gold = a keeper.
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goodbye? D;
is just as valid as a rate with.

Some people are shy, or bored, or lazy, etc...
most are a 5? 1 mightve been my friend


all I wrote could be summed up with: speedish ngd+8, and why is there 3 ratings already, but I'm the only one who commented (and did not rate)??? messed up fake raters we've got here -_-


alagapwisd (as little as gold as possible with improvable speed demo) lol, good map/work
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