The Forever Dash

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Author kiaora
Tags author:kiaora playable rated
Created 2009-03-18
Last Modified 2009-03-18
by 8 people.
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Description Nothing new to see here I guess.

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more maps like this please!

stupid laster

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but I felt pretty fearless the whole time. Not much to add to what atob said, personally I love how open-ended the gameplay was while not becoming too aimless. It's hard to describe, but it works wonderfully.
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Thanks atob. It's really great to hear that my maps are offering you inspiration.

Here's my own personal favourite route.
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Great map.

Perfectly built in episodic style. Excellent tiles and the placement of everything looks great.

I like how if you build-up speed, the laser isn't much of a threat, but feels like it's hot on your heels so you can't make a mistake.

This inspired my latest map. Passing the puck is fun.
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So you're saying,

I should start with making half of the map pointless, and work with that?

Jog on.


its okay, not that great, the left side is bland, it would be better if the beginning of my demo was possible and you worked around that :/
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Nice map.. but try something else other than lasers.


Trying for sub-500.
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I like this

but I want to play another sleepy map