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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day changing competition enemies floorguard floorguards rated
Created 2009-04-07
Last Modified 2009-04-07
by 10 people.
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Description Round one for Changing Enemies.

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Fucking perfect 00.

Simply awful.

Look at this! Look at it!
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I meant not much floorguard usage. There were a lot of them, but less then half of them could even move, and not much at that.

all gold

first play.
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Four at the bottom have a decent range to move around.


I don't see how this map has 5/5 by 5 people. It's not really anything spectactular at all. Just barely a 3 in my oppinion, and I only give it that since 2 just seems really low. (no, that didn't really make sense to me either. Ratings are kind of messed up without an "average" rating but anyways....)

I guess we just auto-five lord_day maps now as with every other great mapmaker?

Kind of felt like a metanet level in the first 5 episodes of the game. You can decide if that's a good thing or bad thing.

I've noticed that a lot of maps for the changing enemies comp don't really use the enemy as intended. In this map, they're a bit more than oversized mines, but still not really that threatening at all.
This was okay. It seemed a little boring, but well balanced.
There are actually quite a lot of floorguards considering the size of the gameplay area.

Great run swipenet.

It was very smooth.

Fastish AGD

Ludicrously spectacular (if that makes any sense). 7/5
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loved this map
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eh, aesthetically pleasing
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hot thumbnail

another faved changing enemies map. :)
Otherwise the map is too short. Thanks for the comments.

a lot of the maps

seem really calm in terms of floor guard use.


I think the floorguards are really well placed. Gameplay and aesthetics are very good, but the flow a bit choppy here and there. Nothing too drastic though

Not much floorguard

But whatever, I like it.