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Author lord_day
Tags airport author:lord_day floorguard geneva geneve rated switzerland
Created 2009-03-14
Last Modified 2009-03-14
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description A level I've had laying around that started in Switzerland. There is one weird floorguard to deal with.

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And I didn't like it much.
you should of gone with the entire logo based it of that so it had a sence of perpose,but thats just me as an artistic stand-point, but i dont know much about the game dynamics

the tiles were nice

thats about it


i really need to get my n-arts out, rating seems so quiet now-a-days

cant really rate when my thumb drive has the game on it and its being used for transportation of pictures
tile island maps, i guess that's the more efficient way of explaining my problem with the look.
but the tiles 'look' randomly placed (even though, when you play you can tell there's great precision in their placement) and that, to me, makes the aesthetics look lazy.

the rocket at the top is more frustrating than challenging.

other than that, cool stuff.
nice level.