Take On Me

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Author SkyRay
Tags 80s author:skyray featured image image-map imagemap nreality rated
Created 2009-04-15
Last Modified 2009-04-15
by 54 people.
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Description ~USE NREALITY~
work process: ~16 hours > short nap > ~2 more hours > submit

this is all hand drawn and such

This map was featured on 2019-01-05

This is a beautiful map by SkyRay. It has clouds, and cows, and a hot air balloon. Don't judge by the thumbnail because there is so much more to see.

The gameplay is perfectly simple, complementing the image and the atmosphere it creates. Immerse yourself in a kingdom of soft sunlight, waterfalls and caves. This map evokes a feeling of genuine wonder that makes it so satisfying to play.

SkyRay, thanks for the map and the nostalgia. Y'all, I hope you enjoy this map.
And did I mention it has cows? — script

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Lovely feature!

Not sure how i feel about the map yet. i love the image and adventurous aspect of it, but totally feel the complaints about lack of clarity, too




The image and the stage go hand in hand. I honestly don't know what's wrong with all the people saying that one gets in the way of another. This is like Bill Watterson. You have taken what was once a simple, base game, and elevated it to it's own art form. While the image was rather sketchy and quirky, it gives the stage such a surreal, new feel of adventure! I must say, I really enjoyed this stage. Not beating it, heavens no. Just...playing it. This is some of the greatest image work in NReality I've ever seen. Fantastic job!
It hinders gameplay. Cows are a nice touch XD

holy crap

its so cute!

5/5, excellent image/Nreality map !

This should have been nominated for the Nreality map of the year. Still, your other one was good.
This must be the BEST NREALITY MAP I've EVER seen on NUMA!
1000/1000, 500/500, 5/5, and Favourited. ^_^

Just found this

Wow O_o
Those images are fucking amazing!
I don't love the gameplay so much, but the images definately deserve a 5ave.

i faved this and you wanna join my contest? []
and beautiful. the mines are difficult to spot though.
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Falling Cows = win

Awesome, but..

The images make the gameplay hard. 4/5
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Thats amazing!!!!

5 for you!


still as awesome as I last remember it


art is good, I can give you that, but the gold was not worth putting in. It was very hard to get with the rockets going on at you.


faved, 5/5

thanks atob, (:

i think ppl

take gameplay to seriously

just sit back and enjoy the senery, if u keep strickly going for gameplay ur gonna give yourself an ulser

and what does "A HA" have to do with this lol


enhancing atmosphere /is/ enhancing gameplay. If it makes the players experience more enjoyable, immersed, etc...


The chwumps were fun, but I didn't like the one in the tower. The rockets were badly place half-in the walls because they would often missfire. The inside of the mountain was fun with the semi-transparency, but getting to the top was too hard.

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The only problem I had with the art was you couldn't tell what you could stand on.

What L_d said

I like the thwump cows. The rockets not curving bothered me but only the slightest bit. Otherwise, the image overlapped and spoiled the gameplay.

I really tried not to over do it, but its quite difficult with any decent looking image, really.

When fitting an image directly to the tileset, it usually looks.. ugly, IMO.

love the cows

but i think most of the image stuffed the whole level.

I have to agree

with l_d. Wonderful picture, though.
I found it nearly unplayable due to the art overpowering the design.
some, like myself, might miss out on all the fun :(


Images just enhance atmosphere and don't enhance gameplay. I used to mistake this as images adding to gameplay but they really don't seem to at all.

Thus, if feels like the gameplay was detracted from because of the image in this one.

I do indeed use Photoshop

and by boring

I mean really hard because the two rockets turn much faster

Very nice

I AGDd it IN nreality... it's boring otherwise.
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but I feel that when they are combined, it's frustratingly difficult to navigate, and it ends up being not so fun.


Have you played Hapland? Google it. Now I'm not trying to directly relate your awesomeness, but it does have that same homey feel to it. I'm not too focused on the gameplay here, but I just love the image. Good job with the multicolored sky too, did you use photoshop? 5
They were using standard rocket trajectory, I've replayed the map and they are 100% better. Also, it seemed counter intuitive that the water would be a good place to leap upwards from, which with the bounceblocks it is, and maybe another cloud in the upper right?
The enemies were frustrating throughout, especially the rockets, which didn't seem at all in keeping with the map. The thwumps felt over used, they seemed to be stifling me almost.

Then there's the image, whilst it is a beautiful image, an inability to clearly tell where tiles and objects were made it an enemy to the overall gameplay, especially with mines being dotted around.

If you could keep the good, whilst rectifying these problems, this would be a fantastic map, and all this from a self confessed, out spoken and irrational dissented of nReality. Seriously, I will hate it over nv1.4 pretty much forever.