Where we keep your father's Guilt

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Author evil_blt
Tags action author:evil_blt evil horror playable rawr unrated
Created 2009-04-20
Last Modified 2009-04-20
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Description This is it.

The map's basically playing around with a tileset, which, incidentally, you're welcome to use. (Credit where it's due etc)

The feel of this map is meant to be a bit dark and desperate. I have no idea if that worked.

Feedback welcome.

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OK so I found a way to do it ignore last comment and demo this ones faster anyway nice map
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Sadly I don't think those 2 up the top are gettable but I wouldn't be surprised if someone proved me wrong
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completion demo

none of the doors or keys are nessesary by the way just wasn't sure if you were aware of that
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