Castleum Forbiddeus

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Tags agd author:ndeavour bicentennary mapdraft rated speedrun
Created 2009-04-23
Last Modified 2009-04-23
by 12 people.
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Description For PALEMOON's map-draft contest. My rules were, I must use: 40 Gold pieces, 4 'Two' Tiles, 6 'Four' Tiles, 16 'E' Tiles, 3 Seeker Drones, 10 Mines, 5 'Five' Tiles, 2 Chain Gun Drones, 5 'One' Tiles, 5 'Six' Tiles. Which was quite a restriction. It is my hope that I fulfilled this while adding a good amount of aesthetics and speedrun/all gold capabilities.


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Mapdraft huh?

Awesome, for a mapdraft map that is. ;)

It's not even done yet. DUMMY!


i loved this, great use of drones, and i loved the tiles and gold.


By far the best use of drones I've seen in a while. Backed up with good tiles and gameplay, this map wholly deserves a 5aved.
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was surprised when I got this AGD. Like what you did with the tiles, it's as though there never was a restriction in the first place.

Demo Data


already know what I think about it.

First Comment.

I expected it to be something more but...