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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda dayafterdeadline mapdraft mapdraft1 space unrated
Created 2009-04-26
Last Modified 2009-04-26
Map Data

Description My map for first round of mapdraft. Late, so not actually submitted or anything. Posting it here just for fun.

Here are the packs used:

{ Work On Aesthetics }
Make your Tileset as abstract as you can.

{ Generic Pack }
5 Normal Doors
3 Mines
1 Thwump
2 Gold
1 Gauss Turret
1 Locked Door

{ Motherlode Pack }
20 Gold
2 'Two' Tiles
2 'Four' Tiles
5 'E' Tiles

{ Floating Island Pack }
7 'E' Tiles
3 'Two' Tiles
3 'Six' Tiles
3 'Three' Tiles
3 'Seven' Tiles
3 'One' Tiles

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even with such sparse tile use. I love how you have to be on your feet whilst playing to avoid falling. 4/5.

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I liked the mine placements, but the gauss would be better lower. 4.
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4/5 favorited.

all gold

sweet map. The switch places are clever.
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